What Makes Me Human

Furry Animals and People Who Love Them My sister told me this story some time back, about me accidentally killing a kitten that we used to own. It was standing by the door way, and I had not seen it. So I banged the door and went away. My sisters found it minutes later, lifeless, […]

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Axel Collins

White lines is a series based on a free-spirited dream-chasing young man called Axel Collins. His Dad was a cop in Spain. They never said anything about his mom but his little sister, Alyssa was as charming as they come. Axel fought a lot with his dad. I assumed that it was always about two […]

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​I haven’t had a good relationship with ownership a good fraction of my life. See, I’m the third born. Most of my possessions have been passed down to me from my sisters. It’s an African thing. Our parents’ grandparents were the typical African couple. Had many kids but weren’t fortunate to have well-paying stable jobs; […]

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Midlife Crisis

​He wasn’t exactly thirty five, but the midlife crisis was real. Being torn between two worlds- his past and future. Between what was and what could be. Having to choose between the known and the unknown. Sure enough, it did seem like a ‘midlife’ crisis to him because never before had he ever been challenged […]

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My sexuality. 

My sisters and I have been binge watching a lot of reality TV series lately and our most recent one was Temptation Island. It has a pretty vague storyline- four couples are separated from their partners and retreated into two separate vacation  houses, full of singles where they get to be tempted. They spend all […]

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The Other Side

​You told me that things like this come once in a lifetime. Actually, you didn’t. You didn’t say alot of stuff, now that I think about it. I mean, I get it. Who talks about feelings nowadays? Who? Anyway. Personally, I thought you’d stick around for a while… For at least ten to twenty years […]

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Cactus or Flowers

​Let’s talk life struggles. Daily life struggles. Physical. Financial. Emotional. Mental. Creative struggles. I’m still trying figure out my spirituality so that may not be included for now.  In my life journey, I’ve been fortunate enough to have people that have gone ahead before me. They know the ropes of life. They know what struggle […]

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Clash of Personalities

She had seen him around a couple of times before. He had a sense of emptiness in him. The kind that would make him drift to another world whenever he needed to. She later found out that he was a creative. Great. They had something in common. He understood what being free spirited meant. He […]

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Passing the Baton

I keep looking back in retrospect every time I think about this blog. It’s self reflecting season so I guess I’m not the only one on this boat. I have been going through a metamorphosis. And it all began by losing stuff. I lost so many stuff. I lost people who were so close to […]

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Train Ride Through Life

​Life happened. That’s it. But also, as it was happening, I was morphing. I have been expanding my mind for the past one month. So much reading. So many educative vlogs. Heck, I’ve hopped onto Muthoni Drama Queen’s bandwagon. I’ve appreciated her perspective on art and work-life balance and being a boss babe. Her brilliance. […]

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Writer’s Retreat

Someone once asked on Twitter where one would ideally stay for a dream writer’s retreat and how the stay there would inspire creativity. Holloway replied that his choice would be a lakeside cabin- solitude interrupted by walks in the forest and paddles on the lake in a staid old row boat with rusty oar locks. […]

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Safe Spaces

I’ve been thinking alot lately about my art. I’ve had two older siblings my whole and besides boarding schools in between, we’ve never been apart. More than twenty years together can do a lot to relationships. Most times, the best happens. People learn to blend their lives together and compromise on stuff. They learn how […]

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Dead to Me

I was watching a series a few weeks ago. It was about two ladies who were the complete opposites. They had met at a group therapy session. They were on a break and Anna was by the coffee machine, pouring herself a cup. Bella walked over to her, complimented her on how blonde her hair […]

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What the Hell?

I’m stuck in limbo. You know that point where you don’t know where you are and have no idea where you going. The waiting. The mean time. It’s happening to me. And I don’t exactly have the most patient soul out here. The fucking pandemic is driving the world nuts, and while it is expected […]

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Past Month in a Nutshell

This is a check up post. It is meant to catch y’all up on the madness we’re calling life nowadays. So here’s what I’ve been up to… I’ve been watching American Idol a lot. At first it was my sister’s cup of tea but she converted me and now I’m obsessed. Not with the screaming […]

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Free or Family

The world is becoming revolutionary. Back in the day, having a family and sticking with it was considered the biggest feat and was highly rewarded. In some cultures, it still is. Unfortunately, I have no testimony whatsoever that I can relate with personally. I guess my family is just one of those families. Back in […]

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Future Workaholic

The whole twenty one years I’ve lived, I’ve watched my father commute to and from work every passing weekday. Sometimes he complains about being overworked and having occupational struggles here and there but I can tell that he enjoys it. He enjoys the stability. He enjoys the income. He enjoys the reputation. He enjoys the […]

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Knock Knock!

My neighbor is not the typical dude that I’m used to seeing. He’s an introvert. Hardly talks to people but occasionally says hi. It’s weird. He’s weird in a good kind of way because all my life, I’ve seen men parambulating themselves for the sake of a woman’s attention. He doesn’t do that.  He’s clean […]

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Solitary Adventure

​Back when I started this blog a few months ago, i used to be so bugged by my family’s lack of support and participation. My friends were pardoned because friends are mostly fair weather… But my family? I wasn’t gonna let that slide. Spamming them with links wasn’t even a big deal anymore. If they […]

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Conflicted by Power

My mom hasn’t physically graced my presence for the past thirteen years. When you see the demons come out, you gotta brace yourself for impact. So I had to evolve. Drastically.  The aftermath of her death was the evident pessimism, jadedness and this darkness that somehow draws people to me. I couldn’t help it. It’s […]

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Fatherhood Facade

So my Dad’s birthday happened a week ago and I could tell that he was disappointed with my gift. My Dad is traditional. He may not say it out loud but you can tell that PDAs make him uncomfortable. As he should. He comes from a generation raised by wolves. A generation whose voices were […]

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Untamed Goddess

The other day on Twitter, an article went viral about a woman who had to quit on her business and even laid off her thirteen employees because her husband couldn’t handle being the sole caregiver of their children. The husband complained that he couldn’t watch their son for that long and he needed his wife […]

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Superman Syndrome

I met a guy sometime back. Nothing serious. We didn’t have any serious conversations that dug deep into our thoughts so I enjoyed the Hi’s and Bye’s until they lasted. Weeks later, he finally grew some balls to ask me about my relationship. He was interested. I told him I wasn’t into commitments and stuff […]

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Dysfunctional Family

I watch a lot of movies and series. I always did even before the whole lockdown situation. I am fascinated with characters that are always trying to sever their ties with the family. Most people loathe them because they seem ungrateful. They’re selfish. No one understands them… Except me. Families are great, especially when they’ve […]

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Do You Boo.

Mandi Sarro’s latest YouTube video had alot of common sense that is not so common in this day and age. She opened up about alot of unsolicited advice on people’s relationships that wasn’t just necessary. She talked about wombs and how they are really not the other person’s business, so whatever that happens in there […]

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Mother Fuckery

Hmm… What can I say that hasn’t already been said. I think I’m about to blow this one but it’s fine. I’m shit stirrer. I start shit. So let’s get to it, shall we? Mother’s day happened some few weeks back. I had nothing to say really because… I feel like I’ve done my part. […]

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In the beginning. There was you. A toddler. Had no idea about how the world worked. You had people around you. People who seemed… Present. Constant. You came to learn that they are family. You couldn’t make complete sentences. You couldn’t do anything on your own. You were basically… Useless. But still, they were there. […]

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Friends and Ladders

We all have that one friend who we thought was out of our league. They had a lot of things going on for them. They seemed to have it all figured out way quicker than we did. In our judgement, they were way ahead and their journey and process seemed so much easier. We loved […]

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Void Fillers

Life happens, apparently. And while most of the time we get to ride shotgun and take front row seats to the show, sometimes shit happens. We lose our shit. People change. Best friends leave when friendships fall apart. Loved ones move on when their lives shatter into pieces. Dreams fade away into non existence and […]

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Fucked Up

We only get one life and one life only. So you’d expect that we’d be given the best that everything this world had to offer. Money. Happiness. Health and all the what nots. But this is isn’t Wonderland. And I’m not Alice. Life is pretty unfair, and to be honest, nobody gets out of this […]

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Blessings in Disguise

When I was still growing up, I bumped into a couple of relationships. And when they ended, I never got an official termination letter. I’ve never experienced an actual breakup before. I’ve never had a guy have a decent conversation with me about us and why it would no longer be a thing. This might […]

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Calm in the Chaos

So, we’re finally doing it. We never thought we’d make it past two weeks but look at us. Sitting on our asses. Fattening up our bodies. Feeding our minds and souls with all the junk we could ever imagine. Fatty foods. Porn. And all the what nots. But I’m not here to judge. Let’s be […]

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Blurred Lines

​I remember my first Friend with Benefit. It happened at around four years ago. We had agreed that there would be no strings attached but what he did not know is that I had lied.  See, when we met, our circumstances seemed so similar. We were lost in what was an up and coming hood. […]

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So I was scrolling through Grant Snider’s comic meme page and I came across something I resonated with. It had assumptions that most writers have probably gone through. So I decided to write about every one of them in detail. Because I’m one of those writers. Behind every writer there is:  Childhood trauma It’s something […]

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Reality Check

It’s been since months now since all these began. The Unjaded Rebel movement. Six months of committing to something much bigger than you and I. Six months of constant worries about whether I’m worth the revolution. Loud enough. Good  enough. Six months of just being me and finally not trying to prove to people why […]

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It’s Never That Serious

This whole depressing situation has dragged our minds to the gutters. To be honest, ninety percent of my mindwork recently has been to replay over and over again my past relationships. How they all started. How they all ended. How they all changed me. Spending uninterrupted time with ourselves has become the modern nightmare.  And […]

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Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to not be helpful, like for instance, the lifestyle of an infant. All they do is just sleep, eat and cry when they need something to be done to them. Heck, even their pee and poop is not their problem. I could get used to that, to be honest […]

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The Darkness

The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for most of us, me included. Out of nowhere, a directive was imposed upon us to stay indoors thereby suspending anything that may come in the way of that. School. Work for some people. It was tragic. All of a sudden, I was forced to sit […]

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Faded Friendships

Sometime today while I was doing the dishes, I kind of had a reality check. I have no idea why such things happen to me while I’m so preoccupied but anyway, I made a mental note to write about her later in the day. I had remembered an old friend of mine who I had […]

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Sheep and Wolves

Most times when I think about nostalgia, it’s always about the good old times. Reliving the happy memories. Taking back the lost time. But when you actually think about it in real life and present time, it’s never that merry of a moment. You wanna know the one promise I made to myself, that I […]

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Let’s Just Be Real

I was watching a recent interview of Maureen Waititu. I’ve been her avid follower since she started gracing us on YouTube and what always drew me to her was her solid foundation of independence. She had a heartwarming smile, a soothing voice and the body of a goddess so of course, I had to join […]

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The Leech

It all started with a meeting from an acquaintance. He knew a guy. I knew the same guy. The guy was pretty much a man of the people. It was inevitable that we’d get introduced to each other and we’d share a circle.  A few weeks later, we obviously became closer than the rest of […]

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Art Versus Content

Before I got to this space where I was comfortable of posting what I wanted with regards to my growth, I had to uncover some troubling and disturbing truths about the world of artistic creations and the doppelgangers that have been made to replace it. The world has changed in a good and bad way, […]

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The Burning Candle

I’m not good at all when it comes to sympathies. If someone close to me happens to be going through some tough shit, I’ll be that insensitive human being who disappears and gets back when she’s in a better mood. I hate situations that make me vulnerable. If I’m going to have to feel, I’ll […]

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Creativity Slump

I’m just gonna put it out there. I’m a Joy Kendi wannabe. I first had an indirect encounter with her few years ago when she featured on a local TV series and I knew I wanted to be like her. I loved her accent. I loved her confidence. I could see my future self through […]

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Toxic Addictions

​It has been a hot minute since I took a deep dive into my vices. The temptations are popping by every now and then but their effect on me just isn’t the same anymore. A few months back, if someone would have told me how fulfilling my company would be, I would be appalled. But […]

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The Unknown

Most times when I think about the unknown, it’s always when I’m about to transition into a new stage in my life. Be it in my school life, my love life, my art life, my family life or just life in general. Regardless of my preparation, life still hasn’t shied away from giving me it’s […]

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Fur Love

I sort of hang the boots on so many aspects of my life, and with that came lots of free time and love to give. My first thought was, why not pet a kitten. They have so much to receive, I had so much to give. They were not so messy and needy and I’d […]

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The No Marriage Factor

I was seventeen when I first wrote down those words on my notebook. That marriage was just not for me. That was the first time that I ever came out about my disinterest towards romantic relationships. When you’re a teenager and you make such a life changing decision by yourself, people just assume that it’s […]

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Unapologetically Female

Getting here has been ten percent my effort and ninety percent the influence the strong females have had on me. I dedicate my growth to them and I’d like to shine my light on them. Caroline Mutoko They’re so many filters already going around the internet and that just bums me out sometimes. When I’m […]

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The Ones That Linger

It would be much easier for you if you’d just blame them. In your opinion, they were reckless, they had no conscience and were purposely created to depreciate your value. They were the most blamed species on planet earth anyway so a couple of more insults from you would not hurt. Dogs. Assholes. Creatures without […]

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Race Against Time

There’s nothing more painful to watch than seeing your parents getting old. The first thing that follows when that happens is that they expect you to pick up the slack. The aspect of responsibility comes along, and all of a sudden, you’re expected to move mountains without breaking a sweat. No pep talks prior to […]

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The U Turns

It’s a whole new decade, guys. And as far as trends are concerned, it calls for new habits. Turning over new leaves. Basically leaving the past behind and settling in to our new selves. I feel threatened by old age. I feel like it’s coming hard for me and it’s not gonna back down no […]

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Who Cares Anyway

I remember reading about a writer who was complaining fervently about her colleague. Apparently, the friend could not stop fussing about her infant who she was thought was the most adorable baby. Don’t get the story wrong. The first day was perfectly okay. Truly, the baby was a gem. The second day was not the […]

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Better Days

Disclaimer. My last post may have gone overboard. I trash talked love on subliminal levels and may have crossed a line that some of you thought I would never be able to get back from. Well, I’m here to say this. I’m a work in progress. I’m still a caterpillar which hopes to transition into […]

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Part of the reason why I started this blog was for distraction purposes. When the universe works overtime to turn your life upside down, something inside you either shuts down or gets reborn. Exit or evolve right? I’d hate to jinx it but I’m okay now. Really, I am. If I could play you a […]

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Passing Storms

The sea is calm. The sea is serene. The sea of life is chilled like you’ve never seen it before. This is not how you remember meeting it for the first time. It was turbulent. It was rough. Life was insane. But now you see another side of it which is different from what you […]

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Queen Elsa

You were always emotionally unavailable. You completely excluded your emotions from your relationships. If someone met you for the first time, they’d just assume you were cold. Rigid. Unstable. And definitely not inviting. Truth is, you had been damaged inside for years because growing up, you were surrounded by people who were not the most […]

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2019 Thanksgiving List

It’s the holiday season, the time to be grateful and appreciative of the great things that have happened in our lives. In movies, I see people having meals as a family. Then they hold hands at some point and speak out the good manifestations in their lives. They thank their family and friends for their […]

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Truth Bomb

It was your first date since you met him unexpectedly a few days ago. You could hardly keep calm as you struggled to find the right outfit to match the occasion. You wanted to look classy but not too intimidating. Presentable but somehow seductive. It was the hardest wardrobe decision you had ever been faced […]

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The Seesaw

History is filled with literature on how to get over an ex but not much is written about getting over a old friend. I know. Cliche intro but I think you might want to stick around for this. If there was one thing I’d wish there was a hand book to, it would be one […]

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The SHero

I think it’s now safe to talk about the matriarch. I feel like I’ve acquainted myself well enough with all of you. I feel like I’ve nurtured the safe space reasonably enough to make all of you comfortable enough to introduce her to you. The rapport has been secured. If you’ve been here long enough, […]

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The Test Subject

It feels like she was meant to be the test subject. Of how much bullshit a human can truly put up with before one decides to walk away. She always thought that it was normal for people to actually act shitty because in real sense they had shit inside them but then she met other […]

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The Illusion of Security

A tale is told of Courage the cowardly dog, a timid pink dog with paranoia issues. Although his owners don’t understand him, he tends to see things and experience events which push him towards his fears. He suffers hallucinations of ghosts, spooky sounds, creeping images and never ending triggers which everyone else is immune to. […]

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Honeymoon Blues

So I got married a few weeks ago. I know it’s none of your business because I failed to invite you but economy has been tough on all of us. I hope you understand. The wedding was awesome of course. It did not rain. There was no spending over the budget. Jilted ex lovers were […]

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What Now?

I’m gonna be honest here for once, even if conceding defeat has never been my strongest suit. I’ve been struggling for days. I had a routine. I had it all planned. I was even doing the most and writing two posts a day and I could see you secretly rolling your eyes at the back […]

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Lost Fights

They’re are things that I’m no longer willing to fight the universe about. To be honest, it’s been a wonderful journey trying to figure out my way around this thing called life. On the good days, I’ve experienced some major triumphs in my life. On the bad days, I’ve suffered some trauma that soon became […]

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Sailed Ship

It had always been the two of you against the world. Neither of you ever felt the need to bring it up but it was an unwritten rule. That no one would ever come between the both of you. And then he found a woman. A pretty, decent, intelligent, young woman who you thought was […]

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Mind Games

You’re at one of your girlfriend’s birthday event. It’s a fun filled, full house party complemented with booze and drugs. She’s excited that she’s turning twenty six and she can’t wait to feed her social media followers with FOMO. She had asked you earlier to be her ‘mother hen’ because she wasn’t planning to tone […]

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In a Nutshell

I’m never going to be that girl who’s the center of the party. I think parties are cool; they bring together amazing people and unforgettable memories get to be made with the new experiences. Friendships are restored. Relationships are mended and all the broken pieces get to be put back together. But my parties are […]

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‘Life’s not fair. While some are born to feast, others spend their lives in the dark, begging for scraps.’ -Scar, Lion King. May be you were not ready to heal then. How could you, yet your whole life, you’d been so used to running. It was easier that way. But soon enough, the memories started […]

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Cutting the Cord

Your childhood is amazing, to say the least. You play hide and seek like everyone else. You dress up dolls and play house like any normal kid. Sometimes you come home with a few scratches here and there and after a routinely first aid session with your mother, you get reprimanded, other times flogged lightly […]

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Pillow Talk Ruins Empires

You met him at a summit. You had been on internship and your company was hosting this annual event at a five star hotel away from the city. Having invited renowned dignitaries from around the state, your department head had earlier advised you to make meaningful connections by networking mindfully. The catered food was amazing […]

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Nice For What

You see his name pop up on your screen as your phone vibrates. Your friends pretend not to have noticed that it’s a guy- it’s been a while since a guy called and you picked. They seem to be deeply engrossed on their phones but their ears are like blood-pumped antennas. They can’t wait for […]

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The Wonder Woman

You squint your eyes open and immediately realize that something is off. You can’t move. Your muscles are weak and it’s almost as if your body wants to give up on you. You try to get up and change the position you’ve been lying on because your body is now aching everywhere but your hands […]

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Mind Over Matter

I was supposed to start this off with a rant. Lately I’ve been bottling up emotions and I feel like I’m on the brink of a breaking point. But before I become an emotional wreck, I should just put it out there that mental health is not so easy to maintain. And as much as […]

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Millennial Revolution

A lady tweeted the other day about how lots of younger people were doing things she didn’t have the courage to do, living in ways she had never been bold enough to live and pursuing dreams in ways she had been hesitant to; and it got me thinking about how lucky we were as a […]

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The Long Road Home

You never really find your true circle until you find yourself first. And when you do find yourself, the universe does this magic stunt by allowing other like-minded souls to cross your path. Sometimes finding your soul family is never even the issue. The real task is always finding oneself. Which I believe is ironical […]

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When Success Hurts.

I read something a while back that stuck with me ever since, purely because it was what I needed to hear at the time but for some reason, I was trying to dodge that truth bullet. The statement read, ‘Be wary of success because sometimes, it’s hurts.’ Soon after, I quickly forgot about it until […]

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The Nuptials

So I already got married to my writing. We tied the knot just a few days ago. It was amazing, to say the least. It was a close-knit ceremony. For some reason, no one was invited, I don’t know why. Probably because I didn’t wanna answer the questions the society has to ask. Everybody always […]

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Baby Steps

I always knew I was gonna have to step up one day with this writing obsession. For years I’ve written away by myself on my bed, on the living room floor, in the school library, at the apartment rooftop in an attempt to grasp at every sort of inspiration I could get; but for some […]

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